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Knitting Progress

First and foremost, I am not sure why I EVER said I would knit scarves for Christmas! Why didn't you people STOP ME! They are so boring and I have yet to find a pattern I love for them. The only respite I got was to knit VJ's in Manos Wool and that broke up the monotony.
Actually, come to think of it, that is the only finished Christmas object thusfar. I currently have one sock for Dad done, Paul's scarf on the needles and the yarn for VJ's matching Manos hat nearby, glaring at me accusingly. I have to finish Paul's scarf soon or I may lose it.
In other knitting news, I signed up for the shawl class at my LYS, A Good Yarn. I am very excited about this as it means that I will be able to knit an amazingly beautiful and intricate shawl with the expert knitters I know, love and trust looking over my shoulder and scrutinizing my each and every stitch. I have my 1750 yards of peacock blue merino wool to work with and I am excited at the prospect!
I bought yarn for Grace's birthday sweater the other day. I got her grape purle and raspberry pink Manos cotton. I am planning on making her a raglan pullover, though I haven't quite worked out the design in my head. I am thinking either a cropped ballet wrap with eyelet holes that will have a pretty (and coordinating) ribbon woven through to tie it with. Or just a plain pullover. I am a little concerned about having enough yarn for a plain pullover, though reason tells me not to be as it took about 7.5 ball of Mission Falls Cotton for me to finish the Mesilla pullover in my size....and I have 5 balls of Manos Cotton (at about the same yardage) I should be good, right? Opinions? Thoughts? Anyway, I need to come up with a plan soon, as I have to start knitting this bad boy quickly.
In addition to all of this, I have decided to join Sock Wars! :) Be afraid, other knitters, be VERY afraid!

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