Pink lady knits


What's up with the knitting?

I have a bunch of projects on the needles these days. Right now they are:
Katie's Shawl (Anticipated Date of Completion: 5/20)
Newborn Bunting for Jen V. baby shower (ADOC: 4/22)
VJ's Raglan Pullover (ADOC: I actually think I'll be working on this sweater for the rest of my life....)
Ankle Socks for me (ADOC: Hmmm, maybe 5/1).

I also have a bunch of projects that I am getting ready to start, they have been brewing in my head for a while and I am excited about them. They are:
Cropped Sweater for me in wool tweed
Scarf for my Mother
Something for Mother-in-Law

With my husband being laid-off, money is tight which means I need to break into the yarn stash and not buy anything new...good thing I have a big stash!

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