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I have really beel slacking on posting my completed here are a few:
My Short-sleeved White Wool Short Sweater with Puffy Sleeves. This sweater is just as awesome as the pink one for its, it is a conversation piece, whenever I wear it people love it!
My Pink Silky Wool Short Sweater. I love this sweater because it has kimono 3/4 sleeves and it really goes with anything. Plus, the yarn is SOOOO soft.
Grace's Green Fuzzy Raglan. I left the body of it really large so that Kelly could layer underneath and Grace could have lots of room in there. She is a baby after all...
My Olympic Sweater (which I have dubbed Kiki). Here she is in all her glory. I am really porud of this sweater because of the time I finished it in, as well as how pretty I think she is. Keeping in mind, I didn't have a pattern for this at all, I flew by the seat of my pants. :)

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sillyduckie said...

hey there!

just checking in since i haven't in a while. (sorry!) i was out of the country for part of april and when i got back work was just a mess! things have finally slowed down!

i'm so happy to see all of your wonderful knitted creations! love the short sweaters, too cute! :) if i send you some yarn can you knit me one please? hee hee. :D