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Project Updates

Well, the three big projects that I am working on right now are really coming along. The first is my mohair sweater. It is done, it fits (over my hips) and is adorable.....but, I am not a fan of the ruffled edging I did on the bottom of the sweater. It would be cute if the sweater were shorter, but as it is, it just draws attention to my hips. SO....I will rip out, yet again. But for the last time. I am just going to take the ruffle out and then bind that should be done tonight. Cross your needles for me.
Kelly's sweater is coming along swimmingly. It is a top down raglan cardi with a v shaped neckline. I want it to cross just under the bust and then I will do a loop and an eyelet hole so that the i-cord I will make can wrap around the torso....I am going to make it with 3/4 length sleeves and put that ruffle on the sleeves. I didn't like it on my sweater because of its location, overall it is adorable. I have several inches of the top of the sweater done and I am still on the first skein. The knitting itself is looking really nice, that yarn is beautiful.
Kimmy's baby blanket is going well. I am knitting it in garter, in a square, from corner to corner (so in a diamond, instead of a square.) There is an eyelet border, but I am going to go back and pick up stitches and make it a more fancy edge. I was going to do a cable, but that didn't work because I am doing increases (and subsequently decreases) on the ends...and it was hard to center the cables.

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