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More "fun" with mohair...

I am convinced that the mohair is out to get me. I got the entire body portion of the mohair sweater done last night, but when I tried it on, it was too tight at the bottom, so I had to rip out....AGAIN. I am so tired of ripping out, especially the mohair, it gets all tangled. Sigh. Anyway, I picked up all the stitches and am doing some drastic increases so that it will fit over the top part of my hips. I am hoping that it works this time....I actually wanted to wear it today, which didn't work. Hopefully soon, after this I will just have to do the arms. I am keeping them short sleeved though, so just a few rounds of st. stitch and then a rib I think....garter stitch is too tight when it binds off (at least when I do it.) I am crossing my fingers that I will have photos of the sweater up before too long....


ErinTulane said...

Hey you --

Long time no see! I hope you and Jason are doing well ;> I never really kept up with my blog after the wedding - got wrapped up in work etc. But I would love to catch up and I am glad to see you are being as creative as ever!

Happy day to you and if you ever feel the urge to drop an email, I would love to hear from you - its ErinTulane@gmail

Hope married life is treating you well! -2ndhometown (Erin)

Courtney said...

Erin! It is wonderful to hear from you! I will be sure to drop you a line soon. I want to hear what you two have been up to lately.
I never kept up with my weddingchannel journal either, the formatting was annoying and it seemed that everyone was leaving anyway. I moved over to LJ recently, like everyone else.
I need to post some photos of my finished projects. People probably wonder whether I actually knit at all! :)