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Wild Things

I got my alpaca in "wild things" two days before Christmas. I haven't had time to do a swatch on it, which means that I haven't had time to play with it and let the luxurious alpaca slip through my fingers. I am anxious to both feel it and see how the verigation knits up. The colors are beautiful, deep aquas, navy blues, greens and even some rust and brown thrown in. It is for that baby blanket for the baby I am 98% sure is a boy (God, I hope I am not wrong). I think I am going to knit it on the bias with cables...but I am not sure about that. If I do the cables (and I really want to) there will only be like 3 of them. I want the blanket to look nice, but I only have so much time...ya know?
I gave Miss Gracie her Green Raglan Pullover and she looked so cute in it. When knitting it up I had left the sleeves full (which I love on me) because she moves around a lot and I wanted to give her the most mobility possible. However, we soon discovered that she pulled on them a lot, so I have ripped them out and knittied 1.5 of them over again with decreases to make them more tapered. They look adorable. I am going to mail it to her as soon as I am done and then get going on my hubby's grey pullover. I have decided to attempt to make it a raglan, just because I prefer them. Amber looked like she loved the sweater I made for her, so that is good news. I haven't heard anything about her trying it on yet, but it was really just for her to have around school to keep her warm as she educates the next generation.
I got two more "assignments" yesterday in the form of a cardigan for my Mother in Law and a scarf for her boyfriend. I think I will do his in a tight ribbing. They both want red....should be fun. I don't know what yarn to use will have to be the "perfect" lipstick.
Anyway, gotta get back to work... :(

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