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Sake San

Project: Sake San (no pattern...made it up as I went along)
Yarn: Vulcan's Rest Superfine Alpaca (charcoal)
and Misty Mountain Superfine Alpaca (tan)

Needles: #4 Circulars and DPN's

I loved knitting this, it was really fun. I remember when I first got the idea to blend these two yarns into a striped sweater and I'm glad I did, as they really compliment one other. Each yarn is so soft and supple, it's been a real joy to knit with them.

The pattern is a standard raglan cardigan, nothing ground-breaking. I used garter stitch on the edges, which I think looks nice. The sleeves are decreased (every 6th charcoal round) and end in a slight bell. As you can see, it has a wide neck, which I did intentionally. I carried the colors along the "seams" while knitting, so they are nice and neat inside (maybe I'll take a photo, it seems like something knitters would like to see).

The only think I am not happy with in this knit is the button choice. Don't get me wrong, I'm in love with the red, but they are too small and therefore, must go. I'm contemplating only one big red button at the top...we'll see how that looks before I commit to it.

All-in-all, a success!

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ekgheiy said...

Nice work! You are always such an inspiration. :)