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Event Two Progress

No photo though...I'm ashamed of my lumpy stranded knitting.

However, I've made major progress on the second Endpaper Mitt! I've got only 5 rows of the palm chart left and then ribbing. So...these will be completed tonight!

They will, however, need a STRONG block...they are, as I said, lumpy. See, I'm a continental knitter, so I pick, I don't wrap. When I started these I just naturally held both colors in my left hand and "picked" the one I needed per the pattern. Then I watched a video that said that this "method" (since it's not really a method as much as it's the lazy way of doing it) creates a lumpy fabric, and to try "picking" one color (continental style) and "wrapping" the other color (English style). Anyway, I tried this and the results were disastrous. The fabric was REALLY tight and very uneven, so I switched back to the "method" that worked for me. But now it looks like there are severe decreases in that section, so I'll have to do some pushing and pulling to make it look right.

Stay tuned for photos and an update on the other two events for WIP Wrestling...

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