Pink lady knits



When I was in Arizona in March, my Grandmother and I spoke about my knitting. She was the one who first taught me how to knit, and was thrilled that I 'd taken it up as an adult. She asked about my projects, and inquired after what I'd knit recently. She'd seen the knitted things I'd made for my Father and brother, and I could sense that she wanted something too. So I asked what she'd like, and the answer was simple, a shawl. Well, I thought, I can do that! She asked for cotton, given the climate in Arizona. She also asked for a beautiful turquoise color, her favorite.

I had my task, a turquoise cotton shawl for my Grandmother. But months went by and I continued to work on the projects I already had on the needles. Once those cleared out after the Ravelympics, however, I knew it was time to cast on.

I purchased some beautiful Berocco Touche at Lovelyarns and decided to use a #9 needle to keep the stitch pattern open and airy. So far I'm thrilled with how this is coming out. I'm more than half way through and hope to have it completed soon so that I can send it to her when the nights start to get chilly out west.

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Jen said...

Aw, that looks wonderful. I'll bet it will be very meaningful to her. :)