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Three years ago today, on my 27th birthday, I married my best friend.
I am, undoubtedly, the luckiest girl in the world.

(Oh, and today is my 30th birthday too...)


ekgheiy said...

AAAaaw!!! Happy Anniversary and many more to come!! And what a wonderful picture too. ;)

Elizabeth said...

Happy birthday! What a beautiful wedding photo. :)

Courtney said...

ekgheiy - Thanks! We are definitely in it for the long haul! :)
I LOVED our wedding photos...if you follow the link you can see their work, they are astounding photographers, very gifted.

elizabeth - Thanks! I actually feel 30...which is nicer than I thought it would be. :)
My photographers rocked, but this is my favorite photo from the day. It's so indicative of our it's fitting that you still can't see his face because he HATES being photographed! I'll eventually put up his photo one day and you'll all be like "Who's that?!" :)

Mike Cunningham said...

Congratulations! Happy Annivesary!

I found you through Aaron Riddle's sample page. We're in Winchester and my wife will just love you knitting!

BTW I think you are a great model for your knitting/designs. I saw this on Flickr among your other pics.

And Bulldogs too!

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Lolly said...

Very late birthday wishes - sorry for the delay! I do hope you had a great birthday :) and happy anniversary too! great photo up there!