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It's been a while...

since I've posted. I've been working on the Shetland, but only sporadically, and that's the only project I've had time for of late. I've been very busy, and actually just performed a minor miracle this weekend by producing a major video shoot. Because of contractual reasons, the details have to stay secret for now, but I can safely say that you will be amazed when I am finally able to reveal the footage to you.

(behind the scenes...)

However, now I'm just trying to get back to my regular I thought I'd post the answers to a meme over on Parhika's blog. Enjoy...

1. What was I doing 10 years ago?
Let's see, 10 years ago I had just turned 20. I was home from my second year of college, and working for Verizon. I'd just completed a very intensive training course to become a "lineman", which involved climbing poles, carrying 100 pound ladders, and being the only female in a 50 person classroom. I was young, happy, and in a relationship that was doomed to fail.

2. What are 5 things on my to-do list for today?
- Finish at least two rows of the Shetland
- Read at least a chapter in Mansfield Park
- Organize my expense report receipts from the video shoot this weekend
- Pack a lunch for tomorrow
- Check to see if Anne wants to go jogging tomorrow morning

3. Snacks I enjoy:
French fries, cheese and crackers, veggies and ranch dip, edamame, bananas, yogurt, coffee (not the morning coffee, but the afternoon, "snack" coffee), craisins, and cashews.

4. Things I would do if I were a billionaire:
Pay off all my debt, buy my Dad a house, pay for my brother to finish college, stop working, buy a new car, have a baby, buy a flat in London proper, buy a horse, and maybe open a yarn shop.

5. Places I have lived:
- Tucson, Arizona
- Gaithersburg, Maryland
- Frostburg, Maryland
- Silver Spring, Maryland
- Baltimore, Maryland

6. Jobs I have had:
- Concession stand at a movie theater
- I Can't Believe It's Yogurt
- Shoe Department at Woodward and Lothrop (remember those?)
- Express
- Office Temp
- "Lineman" for Verizon
- Inventory Technician for Verizon
- Waitress
- Corporate Graphic Designer
- Interactive Account Executive at an Advertising Agency (current)

If you do the meme, let me know so that I can check out your responses!

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