Pink lady knits


I got a new toy....

Let's see if I can show you what it is, without showing you what it is...



That's right! A photography lightbox! It was actually purchased for non-knitting-related photography...but you'll have to wait to hear more about that because it's a huge project that's a bit of a surprise.
Here are some of my favorite yarn shots:

It's an Alzo Light Tent...and I highly recommend it. I got all of my inspiration from Lolly and her post about lightboxes here, but I live in a teeny tiny Baltimore townhouse, so I needed something that would fold up and be easily put away. Alzo fit the bill.


ekgheiy said...

OOOoooo!!! You just reminded me! I once planned on making a 'photobooth'.

I'll have to make my own; Alzo's out of the question :) Hehe.

Nice pictures though. Your pictures have always been nice, even without Alzo. ;)

Jen said...

OOoooh, luff it! Glad to see you using your new toy!