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Whenever I start to knit a Zephyr pattern my fingers just fly. I can't explain it, but either their patterns suit me so well that I zip through them in my haste to wear them, or they are so well designed that there is almost instant gratification. It is likely a little of both.
My most recent Zephyr knit, 28Thirty, is no exception. I began it in the midst of several other projects, mostly because I had the yarn, needles, and pattern just sitting there begging me to pick them up, but also because I'd like to get a few more sweaters in before a warm snap hits and I no longer need them. I've been very sweater focused lately.

I made a few small alterations to this project, the largest of these is knitting the sleeves flat in order to maintain a consistent gauge throughout the whole sweater. I zipped through the first sleeve while sick, and then seamed it, but wasn't happy with the result. I told myself that it would look fine once it blocked out, but it nagged at me. I started the second sleeve, clearly in denial, and then had to stop and rip out the seaming. See, I'd slipped stitches at the beginning of each row to make seaming easier, but it hadn't. At all. I thought about it for a bit and then whipped out my crochet hook and used the (in my opinion) extremely clever crocheted seaming technique I've read about here and there. It worked like a dream, and was quite stretchy to may be a new favorite! The second sleeve was completed in one night, and then seamed in another.

I decided to wait until after I'd blocked this to sew on the buttons (which you can see above in the photo), and so it took a nice room temperature bath last night and is now (slowly, I'm sure) drying in the basement. I can't wait until it's done, and plan to take it with me on my trip next week.

Wait, what? Oh yes, I'm going on a trip! I'll be in Las Vegas for a week, and then Tucson for a week. I plan to check out yarn stores in each city, so please let me know if you have any recommendations!

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