Pink lady knits


But wait, there's more!

In addition to all of the beautiful yarn that I received as gifts, I also was blessed with knitting related books and a gift certificate to Webs. I asked for, and was given two of Elizabeth Zimmerman's knitting books; Knitting Without Tears and Knitters Almanac. I'm so excited to finally have my hands on these books, as I've wanted them since I was a fledgling knitter. After all, EZ is the queen of practical knitting (in my opinion, anyway) and I pretty much worship anyone who suggests knitting in the round whenever possible, as opposed to knitting flat and seaming. Additionally, she is a fascinating person, which makes the reading all the more enjoyable.
I saw a sweater on Ravelry last night that I adored, and it was EZ's "pattern"...which excites me to no end...because I can now knit it!
I was also given a $50 gift certificate to Webs, and I plan to use it to buy Noro Silver Thaw in order to make Lady Eleanor. I'm so excited at the prospect of more enterlac!


Lolly said...

Oooh, lovely idea for the Silver Thaw! Lucky you with your WEBS certificate! :)

Jen said...

I may need to borrow the "without tears" one!!!