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Danica, a Work in Progress

I remember a time when I was so intimidated by enterlac. It seemed impossible, like magic. I couldn't figure out how the squares tilted, and then became new squares. I thought, at that time, that when I learned enterlac that I would be a "real knitter". And while I certainly feel accomplished for having learned it, I know that there are still so many things that are I have yet to achieve as a knitter, color work for example, spinning, or even more complicated lace.
However, Danica has been a thoroughly enjoyable project for me. I've loved learning the technique (which is really quite simple, so don't be intimidated) and building block upon block to watch the color unfold.
I've determined that in order for this scarf to be long enough I'll need to add another ball of yarn (Noro Kureyon in #175), so I will be buying that this weekend and then blocking Danica and then a photo shoot will ensue.
Once I've completed Danica, my little enterlac endeavor I've decided to tackle color work. I have chosen the beautiful Endpaper Mits as my test knit for this technique. I am sure that the design Eunny created will be easy to read and understand, and so many people have knit these that I know I can ask for help in any number of places. I will be using Dale of Norway Baby UIl in pink and green, left over from Grace's Third Birthday Sweater. I look forward to the challenge.

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