Pink lady knits



UGH, I am like 96% done with Fetching, and I am so frustrated that I wasn't able to finish last night so that I could wear them today....
All I have left is the picot bind off (maybe 4 minutes), thumb pick up, knit and bind off (I would allow myself 12 minutes for this because picking up stitches can be tricky) and the crochet edging I am putting on them in a contrasting color to hold the top in a bit more (maybe 8 minutes, as I am not very efficiant with crochet, but feel I should learn.) I will have them done tonight, and in the meantime freeze, as my Ragamittens were washed this weekend and are taking eons to dry.
I did bring my legwarmers in today though... :)
Also, I am trying to come up with a new, slightly more catchy, name for my blog. Should anyone actually be reading this, and have a away!

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