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Cast On and other tidbits...

I cast on for Grace's sweater this weekend! It looks great, I am really pleased with the way the purple stria is kind of varigating, but in a very subtle way. When Grace came to dinner last night she had a purple and raspberry pink purse that her Nana had bought her, so this color combo is perfect for her! YAY! Of course, I can't ever just make things the way the pattern dictates, so I will be adding a small ribbing band to the cuffs of the sleeves, partly to tie it into the neckband, partly to use up the raspberry color more evenly with the grape and partly because I can't make the sleeves as long as it calls for with the grape, or I will run out of grape before I am done with the front pieces. For reference, I have 3 grapes and 2 raspberries. There is a hank of grape at the LYS and it is being held to the side for me, just in case I need it. I have the back done and all of the increases (well, all that I am going to do) for the sleeves and a few additional rows on the sleeves. Hopefully I can knock this out pretty quickly.
I finished one of my legwarmers the other day! It looks great and I am really pleased with the final outcome. They are a little shorter than the pattern called for, but I am really short and I don't like the bunchy look you get when they are super long. So, I changed the pattern to suit me (OF COURSE!)
Photos of WIP's and FO's tomorrow....

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